Trellis Gates Joburg:

Trellis Gates Joburg retractable security barrier burglar guards – strong enough to secure a bank and strong enough to secure your home and business. Trellis Gates Joburg is a custom made Security Gate also known as a Retractable Security Barrier with tracks top and bottom. Trellis Gates Joburg comes with 2 locks for that extra security, a 7 lever slam lock pin and hook lock. The top and Bottom tracks, lock style, lock keep as well as the uproghts and trellis are manufactured from Extruded Aluminium.

The Security Gate is manufactured from an extra strong 20mm wide by 2mm thick aluminium upright which is easy to clean and maintain. Trellis Gates Joburg offers a 3 year workmanship Guarantee and a 10 year anti-Corrosion Guarantee.

Trellis Gates Joburg –¬† Burglar Guards and Security Gates are strong enough to secure millions of Rands for a Bank and strong enough to secure pharmaceuticals and medical equipment then it’s definitely strong enough to secure your home and business.


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